Private Tutor Resource List

The Napa County Office of Education is pleased to provide you this resource list. We hope that you will find a tutor who is a great match for your needs.

About the Tutors
The tutors listed are one resource for parents and guardians. Please first contact your child’s teacher, principal or tutor with studentcounselor as many schools have onsite help available for their students.

What else should I know?
This listing is provided as a public service. The Napa County Office of Education does not screen private tutoring applicants; therefore, the NCOE disclaims any and all responsibility and liability regarding private employment of any of the tutors listed herein.

Tutors set their own rates, depending on their individual levels of expertise, credentialing, subject areas, and the services requested and/or required.

A Level 1 tutor is a credentialed teacher. Some may be able to do all tutoring, including assessments, remedial work, subject support, executive functions, special education, social/emotional, and/or foundation skill development.

A Level 2 tutor is an adult and high school graduate. Some may have higher education credits.

A Level 3 tutor is a high school student in advanced classes.

Tutor Resource List
Name Phone eMail Subject Grade Level Tutoring Level Bilingual
Gina Freeman-Spencer 707.224.8017 All Subjects K-8 1 No
Carol Bass 707.647.1278 Spanish Lang. Arts, Careers, Resume Writing, Test Anxiety K-12 1 Spanish, French
Linda Benton 707.815.3192 English Lang. Arts, Math K-12 1 Spanish
Carol Funk 707.257.1019 Spanish K-12 2 Spanish
Timothy Hessong 707.236.4852 Math, Physics, Science K-12 1 None
Donna Kingsford 707.258.9043 English Lang. Arts, Mat, Adult Literacy K-5 1 No
Kim Kostin-Borders 951.212.2519 English Lang. Arts 7-12 1 No
Rita Martinez 707.253.1340 Reading Specialist, ELD/ESL-Elementary thru Adult, Elem (all subjects) K-12 1 No
Laura Masters 707.738.0843 English Lang. Arts, Math, Reading Specialist K-12 1 No
Marcia Matz 707.227.1271 Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math (Algebra), Writing, & Test Prepping K-12 1 No
Jamey Myers 707.226.2360 English Lang. Arts, ELD Primary Reading/Writing K-12 1 Spanish
Heidi Nord 707.225.4409 ADD/ADHD Specialist K-12 1 No
David Parker 707.738.9347 Algebra I, English, Social Studies, German K-12 2 German
Guy Valk 650.804.25573 Math, Science, Biology, History, English, ACT and SAT prep – Verbal and Math K-12 1 French