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Congratulations!  If you are reading this you most likely have newer teachers at your school site participating in the Napa County BTSA program!  We are here to help support you as you support your new teachers and even the Support Providers assigned to them.



Program Goals

  1. Clear Participating Teachers’ (PTs’) Preliminary Credentials through Induction.
  2. Improve PTs’ professional practice in relation to the California Standards for the Teaching Profession PDFDOC and the Teacher Induction Standards 5 & 6 PDF | DOC
  3. Expand PTs’ content knowledge and pedagogical skill through self-selected instructional skills workshops. These are designed to support site initiatives and to address PTs’ Inquiry/Action Research projects.Educator with students in architecture working on electronic tablet
  4. Help PTs focus on optimal instructional practices in relation to pedagogy, equity, and working more effectively with English Learners and Special Populations so that students may achieve the state-adopted content standards at high performance levels.
  5. Train Support Providers (SPs) in observation/evidence collection and coaching skills in order to collaborate with and expertly mentor each Participating Teacher through the first two years of employment.


For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Jill Barnes, Program Manager.

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