We offer many different programs to fit the needs of your specific group. Although we customize our program for any group we generally focus in three different areas. Below you will find a sampling. Contact us so we can assist you in choosing the program that will best accomplish your goals.

Sports Team Program
2 People on Ropes CourseThe program was designed specifically to focus on enhanced teamwork, encouraging and increasing leadership, and building a foundation of trust and commitment among the members of the team.

Business/Professionals Training
Focus on group collaboration with a strong emphasis on aligning a team vision with activities that encourage out of the box thinking. Attention is also given to group and individual follow through with highlighting leadership training.

Educational Program
Group collaboration and creating a positive and encouraging environment is a strong theme in this program. Overcoming personal boundaries and reaching out to the group for support is a focus along with moments of personal and group leadership characteristic skills.

Program Logistics
Our program start time is 9:00am and generally goes until 3:30pm. The longer the program the more insight and confidence a team builds. Our Ropes Challenge Course is a full day experience that builds effective team relationships, communication skills, and shared problem-solving abilities. Contact us for sample schedules of a program that fits your desired timeframe. I caught it

All of the Heron Lake Challenge Programs offers a combination of low team elements and high elements to provide a well-rounded team building experience focused exclusively on the needs and dynamics of your team.

What sets us apart from any other team training is our commitment to elevating the level of teamwork that can be achieved in a one or two-day ropes challenge. The activities that we have selected as permanent elements and the problem-solving and communication enhancement exercises that we work into your program all fit together to create a unique and essential team building experience. Fun is a natural byproduct of this well-defined and goals-driven development program. Of course, if your goal is simply a recreational “day of fun” on the ropes course, you need look no further…

We are constantly striving to improve and elevate the level of programming we offer to our clients – adding new elements to the course, attending trainings and testing new activities that will add value to your team building experience. We understand that each year team dynamics change and so each time a team visits Heron Lake Challenge we will strive to provide a new customized experience that builds on the current team culture.