Frequently Asked Questions

How do we sign up?

There are only three easy steps to sign up for a challenge ropes course day:

  1. Call or email ropes@napacoe.org to reserve your date at least two weeks in advance.
  2. Prepare for your Adventure by printing out, reading and distributing to your group the information/documents found here.
  3. Come on out!

How many people can be in a group?
There is not a set minimum or maximum number of participants in a group. The fee is the same for a group of any size up to 30 people and increases for over 30 people. Please contact us if you have questions about your group size and we can discuss options with you.

How much does it cost?
The minimum charge for general groups is $1,800 and the minimum discounted rate for school and non-profit organizations is $1,250 for a one day program. Below is a chart with our general prices and discounted rates for different group sizes.


General Price List

1-30 participants: $1800

31-40 participants: $2400

41-50 participants: $3000

51-60 participants:$3600

61-70 participants: $4200

over 70 participants: please call

Discounted Price List for Schools and Non-Profit Organizations

1-30 participants: $1250

31-40 participants: $1650

41-50 participants: $2050

Zip-Climb51-60 participants: $2450

61-70 participants: $2850

over 70 participants: please call

Who will this program benefit?
Classrooms, sport teams, scout groups, corporate teams, teacher in-service, new employee orientations, student orientations, community groups, leadership groups, youth groups, anyone interested in learning about teambuilding, leadership, themselves, and having fun.

How do I know which program to choose?
Contact us and we can assist you in choosing the program that will accomplish your goals/desired outcomes.

What if I don’t know what the goal is; I just heard it would be good for us to go?
Contact us. We can ask some guiding questions and give examples to help you determine what goal/outcomes might be best for your group.

What happens if it’s raining on the day of our program?
In the event that there is rain on the day of your program we will reschedule your program for another date.

Do I have to be an Olympian to participate?
No! Each program is designed to challenge participants at their individual levels. That’s what we mean by “challenge by choice.” You can be a star athlete, slightly sedentary, or extremely physically challenged. Teamwork and leadership value diversity.

What if I am afraid of heights?
If someone is afraid of heights, simply climbing a foot or two up a tree can be a major accomplishment and we applaud their accomplishment. If a participant chooses not to attempt an event, we respect this decision and offer other ways in which the person can participate.

What about safety?
Safety is our number one concern. Our course installation meets the standards set forth by the Association of Challenge Course Technology. We aggressively maintain our course through regular in-house inspections and an annual external inspection by industry professionals to insure safety of all elements.

How much weight can the elements hold?
Our course is built with 3/8″ 7×19, steel galvanized aircraft cable rated at 14,400 lbs. We use 11mm climbing rope, which is rated at 6000 lbs, though in independent tests it was found to break at well over 6,000 lbs. We use DMM Alpine harnesses rated at 5,000 lbs. You’re in safe hands at Heron Lake Challenge.

Are there overnight programs?
No, unfortuenlty for safety reasons we cannot run the course into the night, but we do operate multiple day programs. If your group would like to spend the night camping in Napa there is a beautiful regional park campground within walking distance of our course. Skyline Park Details