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Heron Lake Challenge is possibly the most unique and best kept secret located in Napa, CA. The Ropes Challenge Course sits on the shores of 5 acre Heron Lake where participants engage in fun and challenging activities under the branches of ancient Valley Oak trees. We specialize in team building programs for all types of groups ranging from elementary school students, division 1 sports teams, small businesses and Fortune 500 corporations. Each group visiting Heron Lake Challenge receives a completely customized program unique to the participating team. Our course has the necessary knowledge and equipment to specialize in several different areas of Adventure Education because we have been in operation for over 30 years and continuously train our exceptional staff.

What is Adventure Education?

catwalkAdventure Education is based on the idea that people learn most when they are actively involved in their learning. We provide situations where participants can feel a sense of control and find a relevancy and attractiveness in the material presented. Heron Lake Challenge also provides opportunities for reflection on the challenge course experience to make connections with other life aspects and for future learning. In Adventure Education the facilitator does not provide all of the answers for the group. Primarily the participants learn from each other. Adventure experiences intentionally contain a certain amount of natural unpredictability. Adventure based methods have been very successful in meeting educational, professional and personal goals of participants. Through Heron Lake Challenge adventure activities team building can occur with intense problem solving, and safe risk taking situations.

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The Ropes Course is NOT located at 2121 Imola Ave.