Gang Violence Education


Gang Violence Education – Mariposa / Bridging Brothers

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As the main component of NCOE’s gang prevention efforts, Mariposa (girls) and Bridging Brothers (boys) groups create a safe place for middle and high school youth to meet weekly and build trust, improve interpersonal skills, and overcome struggles and the peer pressure they experience to engage in activities that are destructive.

When youth feel supported and find the personal strength to make healthy decisions about their own lives, they feel empowered to help others and to make a difference in their community. The Mariposa curriculum develops students as mentors and positive role models and provides leadership training to teach participants how to advocate for healthy choices and lead their community.

The programs four-pronged approach includes:

  • Relationship Building
  • Education
  • Community Involvement
  • Leadership Development.

With a strong focus on relationship building among peers and adults, programming builds protective factors that positively influence healthy choices.

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