Risk Management

The Napa County Office of Education contracts with North Bay Schools Insurance Authority (NBSIA) to provide a comprehensive risk management program for the safety and well being of all staff and students. The following information is provided to help program directors and staff manage safety issues that are commonly encountered in the course of operating educational programs. The office of the Chief Business Official serves as the central resource to all departments on loss control information and methods.

Following is a list of services, procedures and forms provided under the risk management program.

If you have questions regarding these services/forms, please contact Debbie Egan in the Chief Business Official’s office.

Important steps to follow in the case of:

Student Injury

  • Provide medical care depending on severity of injury
  • Contact all necessary parties (ambulance, nurse, parents) depending upon severity of injury. Make contact with parent/guardian as directed by NCOE policy
  • Complete the  Student Access Report PDF | DOC  form as fully as possible and submit to NCOE
  • Retain a copy of the Student Accident report at site

Employee Injury or Illness

  • If the injury is an emergency, dial 911, then call Company Nurse at 877-778-2576
  • If not an emergency, have the employee and/or Supervisor call Company Nurse at 877-778-2576
  • Company Nurse will refer the employee to a designated medical clinic PDF | DOC.
  • NBSIA staff will contact the site to facilitate an investigation and initiate the early return to work program
  • If you suspect fraud, please call 707-399-4210 to report

Death/Serious Injury of Anyone on School Grounds

  • Immediately notify emergency response personnel and NCOE
  • Preserve any objects or equipment that may have been responsible for the injury
  • Keep records of actions/conversations
  • Complete the appropriate incident form PDF | DOC and forward to the NCOE

Field Trips

  • Ensure adequate supervision for the students with ratio 1:5 for K-2, and 1:10 for grades 3-12
  • Ensure that transportation complies with recommended guidelines (see volunteer section)
  • Consider all foreseeable hazards or risks and ways to reduce/eliminate these risks

Working with Volunteers

  • Ensure volunteers are registered with NCOE and have completed appropriate forms
  • Provide each volunteer with a form of ID while on site
  • Volunteers must be under the supervision of certificated employees of the NCOE
  • Provide volunteers with instructions of expected duties
  • If a volunteer is injured, follow steps for employee injury

Athletic Safety

  • Require medical background and examination by MD or DO prior to
  • participation
  • Conduct regular inspections of sports facilities and equipment
  • Provide appropriate warnings on safe use of sports facilities and the dangers of specific activities
  • Provide proper supervision

Public Use of Facilities

  • If a group wants to use your site, refer them to General Services for completion of a Facilities Use Agreement

Auto Accident

  • Report all auto accidents PDF | DOC, including those involving non-employee passengers, to NCOE

Property Loss

  • Complete the Property Loss Report form PDF | DOC as fully and completely as possible
  • Submit to NCOE and retain a copy at the site

Any Claim of Potential Liability

  • Notify NCOE
  • Preserve any objects or equipment that may have been responsible for the incident
  • Keep records of actions/conversations

Accident and Injury Prevention

Safety Inspections

  • By site staff—Regular safety inspections are important. Use a NBSIA checklist or create your own. Coordination between departments and General Services is necessary to address all corrections
  • NBSIA schedules annual or bi-annual site inspections
  • NBSIA offers playground inspections by a Certified Playground Safety
  • Inspector at no cost

Ergonomic Evaluations

  • Standard ergonomic evaluations are provided at no cost by NBSIA staff
  • Contact General Services to make an appointment

Training Services

  • NBSIA has numerous safety training programs that are available either online or in person. To coordinate a training, contact the NBSIA Prevention Services Manager at 707-428-1830
  • NBSIA maintains a library of videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs available for borrowing

All Forms referenced are available at the NBSIA website.

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