Office of the Deputy Superintendent/Chief Business Official


  • Office StaffProvide fiscal oversight and support for Napa County school districts
  • Provide oversight and management of NCOE business operations (General Services, IT, Fiscal Services, SELPA Administrative Unit)
  • Support and facilitate the operation of NCOE programs

Distinct Functions

  • Legal Services
  • Review and approval of legally binding agreements
  • Risk Management
    • Representing NCOE and districts on NBSIA and SSICCC boards
    • Review of certificates and endorsements from contractors
    • Obtaining certificates and endorsements demonstrating NCOE insurance coverage
    • Administration of Workers Compensation program / claims
    • Property and liability claim reporting and administration
  • Labor relations (lead negotiation team, maintain records and contract)
  • ADA reporting for Napa LEAs, including waiver requests
  • Coordination of Mandated Cost Reporting
  • Compliance

Napa COE Financial Reports


707.253.6819 | Fax 707.253.6970

Joshua Schultz, Deputy Superintendent/Chief Business Official
Debbie Egan, Executive Secretary