2017-2020 NCOE Ed Tech Plan

The California Department of Education strongly recommends (but does not require) LEAs create an educational technology plan. In  the past, this was a requirement for the ED Tech K-12 Voucher Program.

NCOE has created a technology plan with CDE’s Technology Plan Builder for it’s College and Career Readiness Program and it’s Court and Community Schools. The date range for the plan is 7/1/2017 to 6/30/2020.

NCOE’s Technology Plan is a living document. It’s stakeholders have been invited for comment, and the general public is invited as well. All feedback will be carefully considered by the authoring team, and if deemed appropriate the plan will be updated. Comments and requests for changes can be submitted to Rebecka Anderson via email randerson@napacoe.org or by using the comment box below.

Each section of the plan can be review here (each link opens in a new window)



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