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Google Presentation



Google is renaming Presentation to Slides. I  wanted to alert you of this now so you don’t feel surprised or overwhelmed later. Essentially it’s the same product so you’ve got this!


The following are a mix of written instructions and videos. I’ve noted which items are videos.

Creating a Presentation, Basic Setup and Sharing (video)
Changing the Size of Slides/Presentation
Changing Themes and Background
Adding/Deleting/Reorder  Slides (video)
Importing Slides (PowerPoint or other Google Presentations)
Adding Fonts (click the plus sign to reveal the details of how to add fonts to your list)
Adding Text and Formatting Text (video)
Adding Animations
Adding Images (video)
Edit Images (crop, shape/mask, borders)
Adding Video (video)
Adding Shapes (video—remember that once you select your shape you click & drag on your slide to add it to your slide)
Ordering Shapes/Images/Text (video)
Speaker Notes (video–remember speaker notes can also be used as a way for students to provide more detailed information)
Publishing to the Web (video)

Classroom Uses

3 Ways to Use Google Presentation in your Classroom (2nd Grade)
Google Presentation Ideas
5 Ideas for Using Google Presentations with Students
Ideas for Using Google Presentation in the Classroom
Example of Using Presentation to Create Educational Comics
Example of Using Presentation in the Classroom (video)

Free Images

Always verify if and how you need to attribute the author for use of the image.

Always verify that the search results do have the appropriate Creative Commons license applied to it.There is usually an image indicating the type of license indicating how you can/can’t use the image/media. The bottom of this Creative Commons page explains the types of license.