Napa County Teacher of the Year


Mark Teeters, Choral Music Instructor, Vintage High School
2009 Napa County and California Teacher of the Year

What Makes a Teacher of the Year?

  • Conveys content knowledge, delivers it creatively and in a differentiated fashion to engage students, and influences student learning as reflected in their measurable achievements.
  • Has influence beyond the classroom and into their school community.
  • Maintains a student-centered perspective.
  • Inspires through commitment as a lifelong learner and models dedication to continued learning.
  • Focuses on building relationships that transform and empower students, parents, and community.
  • Dedicated to the belief that all children can achieve.

Selection of the 2015 Teacher of the Year (Spring 2014)

The selection process for the Napa County Teacher of the Year 2015 has closed.  The finalists and Teacher of the Year will be announced in May 2014.  Contact Seana Wagner with NCOE at 265-2351 or for more information.


Past Teachers of the Year

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